Why Choose Cloth?

Have you ever really wondered why people use cloth diapers?

Not only because cloth diapers save money but because they are way better for the environment, way more absorbent and lets face it, disposable diapers contain nasty chemicals.

      When using cloth diapers you will use more water then you would for disposables but they offer far more chances to decrease over all environmental impact. Did you know disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose?

     The amount of diapers added to the land fill each year actually contaminate the ground water. Cloth diapers are used time and time again and for many years rather then disposing a diaper every time your baby needs a changing.

      The absorbency of cloth diapers are a big factor that make cloth diapers the way to go.  Holly Bottoms are made a few different ways  depending on what your looking to get. The Hybrid fitted diaper is made with windpro fleece making it water resistant but not water proof. The inner is made with a bamboo fleece insert topped with bamboo velour ( or coloured cotton velour)  which sits on your baby’s skin for the ultimate comfort.  
Holly Bottoms pocket diapers are made with PUL with a soft fleece lining to go against your baby’s skin. Holly takes the time to hand make each diaper inside and out with great love to be sure that each diaper is perfect for your little babe.

There are more common issues that may arise, for example, your baby is allergic to the fleece lining. This is easy to solve because Holly Bottoms offers an alternative silk lining  called athletic wicking jersey, which can be used instead of their signature fleece.

Sometimes you get a funny smell or repelling. The diapers may need to be "striped" or maybe your wash routine needs to be adjusted. Please refer to Fluff Love University and/or another reputable cloth diapering website or even just ask Holly (she is full of advice!).

  Don't forget if you ever have any questions you can reach out to Holly at anytime and she will answer ASAP. I hope you take the chance to explore cloth diapering! 
- Hayley Lord (Instagram/Social Media Specialist for Holly Bottoms)

Above a photo of her child that she so proudly cloth diapered until potty training